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SMG Technologies
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In Brief

You can’t design a customer experience unless you design the staff experience and a company culture to deliver it.
— UX Australia

SMG Technologies is a Brisbane-headquartered software company exploring the corporate, enterprise and consumer applications of human analytics. With over a decade in sports data analysis with their product SportsMed, now acquired by Catapult Sports, SMG Technologies uses this expertise and experience to lead a health-focused mission to improve the everyday wellbeing and lifestyle of people worldwide.

To drive this vision, a strong company culture was established around a powerful set of values, an inspired north star goal and a unique corporate identity.


The Brand

As a data-driven company, inspiration was drawn from their most basic representations: graphs, charts, lines and numbers. Using a bold simplified stylistic approach, iconography was developed to visualise the company's values – theses served as the framework for the expanding visual language.

Each icon represents a value and a role, with each role defined by a verb e.g. a scout / to scout. Applied to each staff member, regardless of position, these four roles are present in their daily duties and responsibilities. 

The Eye
As insight, the eye represents disruptive curiosity and is embodied by the Scout: vision, insight and opportunity.

The Flask
As action, the flask represents collaborative diversity and is embodied by the Tinker: inspiration, motivation and authenticity. 

The Crown
As connection, the crown represents respect the reputation and is embodied by the Champion: leadership, diplomacy and teamwork.

The Lightbulb
As disruption, the lightbulb represents agents of action and is embodied by the Engineer: autonomy, integrity and dedication.



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