Klyp / Victoria State Emergency Services (SES)
Internet browser-based game.


In Brief


As part of flood safety awareness, SES Victoria choose an interactive format to connect with school-aged children. The web-based game needed to highlight the dangers of foreign objects commonly found in floodwaters.

The game mechanics were required to be simple enough to be accessible across the age spread, yet engaging to hold the interest of the older demographic. The other consideration was game length, striking a balance between fleeting attention and teaching the required lesson. 

This was achieved by increasing the tempo of interaction, using quick moving objects, pitted against a time limit. By upping the number of object types beyond what was typically feasible to collect in the allocated time, including variability of non-dangerous objects as time reduction, and adding a rudimentary points system for leaderboards, the replayability of the game was enough to get the message across.

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