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In Brief


Moreton Bay College (MBC) is an independent all-girls school located in the Greater Brisbane region. Along with it's affiliate brother school, Moreton Bay Boy's College, MBC commissioned a rebrand as part of its renewed strategic plan.

Lloyd Grey Design developed and executed a comprehensive brand rollout across MBC's customer experience journey, ensuring teachers, operational staff, parents and students were all addressed.

At the core of the project was the legacy logo mark. The success of the Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) tag line had set a high benchmark and was the case study for every educational institution's marketing campaign. MBC's motto, Fortitudine Et Spe (With Courage and Hope), was a relic of a more idyllic era and required modernising to compete in the new commercial reality.


As designers, we are often faced with the impossible challenge of creating a visual mark that seeks to encompass an entire company's culture, values and aspirations. Through a creative process, the desired outcome is a unique mark that benefits from additional visual brand elements. 

It's not the same with words. Here, a sentence or phrase is required conjure up a visual that resonates more deeply, the same way a battlecry summons zeal and rallies a cause more significantly than an insignia or flag. From a creative perspective, the visual toolkit of negative space and typography gives way to word selection, word play, ease of pronunciation and auditory recall.

I have a deep respect for wordsmiths and copywriters who craft meaning into projects intended to challenge the test of time โ€“ a struggle and sense of achievement that those who write advertising headlines can not comprehend. This is my contribution, and may it inspire for many years to come.