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I've blogged on various platforms over the years as a way to express my thoughts on things important to me, though undoubtedly irrelevant in the greater social discourse. For me, this is my Theseus' ball of thread, a token of memory made permanent so that I may look back and judge my intellectual growth – and any audience is just an artefact of chance. 

I did spend some time on Medium but as its focus on long-format has sharpened, it no longer suits my snippet-like musings. But if you're interested...

2019.10/ October

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In brief
This is a selfish venture. I never did get into writing letters or keeping diaries – for me, it was blogs. I did it mostly to look back, perhaps to chuckle at my foolish naivety, marvel at my youthful aspirations or lament lost opportunities and bad choices. And while this newsletter ultimately serves the same purpose, hindsight and inspiration may present as a small gift for those few who choose to read it.

The Company-Customer Gap
Luke Wroblewski is a Product Director at Google. I've watched the rise of his career with admiration and envy. His recent talk resonates deeply with the UX community's frustrations – product and strategic decisions made to drive short-term company objectives at the detriment of the very customers they look to serve. Watch

A deeper look at gamification
There is a strong sense of excitement whenever gamification is raised but the commercial world was burnt by the primitive promises of points and badges. In some ways, it's a blessing that allows us to do it better the next time around. By rights, it's game mechanics to promote interaction – we just didn't look at the right ones. Read

Once more with feeling
I've come to UX through a design path and find am finding the research component quite exciting. While consciously trying to be open-minded, I still find myself snagged by assumptions and misconceptions – it's true, people will always surprise you. My branding background features many similarities with user experience... I talk about delight, being inspired, uplift and sense of achievement, all terms that don't mesh well with engineering types and managers.

It's ironic that the studies in which CEO presentations reference say that experience is the key differentiator for businesses moving forward, yet it always comes back to 'pragmatic' metrics i.e. simplicity, usability, functionality. I doubt these terms are ever mentioned when strong memories are evoked... "I remember that summer after I had just turned six and grandma took me to Disneyland as a surprise. It was clean, easy-to-get-around and accessible." Read

Buttsss: A story of ideation and iteration
If you were ever interested in the design process and how digital things are made, here it is! Read

et cetera
A scientific approach to measuring the emotional impact on customer behaviour. Listen

Being left-handed, the phenomenon has always intrigued me. Apparently, it's determined by society's cooperative vs competitive pressures. Watch

How do we get everyone in the world to experience the overview effect? Read

Bigorexia is a problem in Australia. Watch

Mobile battery levels affects your self-identity. Read

Android's emoji update include gender neutrality. Read

Truth distortion in mapping. Read

Rethinking product roadmaps. Twitter thread

A case for bottom navigation for mobile UIs. Read

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