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I've blogged on various platforms over the years as a way to express my thoughts on things important to me, though undoubtedly irrelevant in the greater social discourse. For me, this is my Theseus' ball of thread, a token of memory made permanent so that I may look back and judge my intellectual growth – and any audience is just an artefact of chance. 

I did spend some time on Medium but as its focus on long-format has sharpened, it no longer suits my snippet-like musings. But if you're interested...

The many moves of Spiderman

The long-awaited Spiderman game has dropped on the PlayStation 4 and by all accounts, lives up to the hype – the Marvel Universe's version of New York City is absolutely stunning. But unfortunately, the heavily borrowed combat from Batman's Arkham Asylum series is perhaps not as polished. 

The Bat's gritty brawler crossed martial artist style gives way to the fluid acrobatic agility-based movements of the Spider. Polygon's journalist Patrick Gill breaks down his interpretation of Peter Parker's combative influences to capoeira and lucha libre.

Personally, I find the dance-fighting inspiration a long bow to draw especially given the double-kicks are clearing kung fu or similar. But, I can see where he's coming from.

Lucha libre on the other hand, took me somewhat by surprise and I totally agree! The wrestling roots are a not-so-subtle nod to the comic lore and the costume would not be out-of-place in a real-life arena. The over-the-top and exaggerated moves only add to the superhero mythology and video game immersion. 

It is truly wonderful to see such niche styles cherished this way. 

Ton Ha