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I've blogged on various platforms over the years as a way to express my thoughts on things important to me, though undoubtedly irrelevant in the greater social discourse. For me, this is my Theseus' ball of thread, a token of memory made permanent so that I may look back and judge my intellectual growth – and any audience is just an artefact of chance. 

I did spend some time on Medium but as its focus on long-format has sharpened, it no longer suits my snippet-like musings. But if you're interested...

The waterfall of life

I was sent a video via email, one of those that screams 'viral has-been' given the source and indeed, it was one that circulated back in 2011. Nonetheless, it was a slow news day and decided to watch it. 

The video tells of the reintroduction of wolves back into Yellowstone National Park in 1995 after being absent for many decades. What followed was an eye-opening rejuvenation of the entire ecosystem in a process called a trophic cascade

Whether sensationalised for a bite-sized viewing or whether nature's resilience to bounce back cannot be underestimated, I was blown away by the complexity, interdependence and scale at which the food chain has been optimised and balanced through evolution. 

My takeaway is that even though we're enjoying the most significant technological and information boom in our history, we do not understand our environment or the impact we place upon it. Current extinction rates of species are alarming for those who care to be aware of it, and I can not imagine what miracles and discoveries we deny ourselves by their absence. 

Ton Ha