I have spent a career contributing to the vibrant creative landscape of multicultural Brisbane as it struggled with its technological adolescence. Not unlike my own upbringing, one typical of a pre-internet Australia, I have borne witness to the impact and wonders of the digital screen and with it, the accessibility and opportunity it has brought.

As I hurtle towards a mid-life threshold, I choose to remain steadfast in my journey and look to set moonshot milestones and signpost the pathway – I  seek to make a lasting difference in this generation and in the process, provide a framework to inspire the next. 

I am a generalist, having focused my early studies in the medical sciences but later pivoted into the creative industries as a designer – I was drawn in by the nobility of saving lives but discovered that my true passion is making life magical through technology.

By job labels, I am a product designer, crafting platforms or services at every touchpoint throughout their lifecycle – from a business idea to market fit, from proof-of-concept validation to design iteration, from user journey optimisation to data-driven insight reporting. 

Experience with the product manager role also grants me the dual rewards of insight and a vantage point from which to see the big picture, both key ingredients in developing business modelling strategies, scaling product growth and balancing resources. Additionally, from my experience in conducting workshops and focus groups, I have curated and honed an interpersonal skillset to mediate, negotiate and lead – a combination particularly useful as an agent of change.

I have also come to realise that I have a knack for design operations, often auditing and refining creative processes and seeking efficiencies with other business units through more effective collaboration. My puzzle-solving idiosyncrasies seek out misunderstandings between staff and management and solve them through dialogue and education; a tendency which has earned me a reputation as an internal advocate. 

I also find satisfaction in contributing to the design community. My desire to teach (bucket list: university lecturer) fuels my pay-it-forward approach towards new designers by adopting a mentoring role to spark their imagination and guide their professional development. 

At my core, I am Hufflepuff, Donatello, Steve Rogers, Ross Geller and Frodo Baggins. I value the diversity of thought, a sense of purpose, and trust in a team. I believe that fortune favours the bold, and that when no one else steps forward, I will. 

My name is Ton Ha, and it is a pleasure to meet you.



Excellence in eGoverment Awards (2015)
Finalist: Sortli

GovHack (2013)
Best of Digital Humanities Prize (National)
QUT IFE Prize (Best of Brisbane)
Think Big Culture Prize

AGDA Design Biennale: Digital Media (2012)
Best Doctors Global Enterprise Sales Platform

DIA Awards (2004)
Finalist: QCA Exhibition Catalogue


International Krav Maga Federation
Civilian Instructor: Expert Level 1
Women's Instructor
Combat Fighter Instructor

Australian Karate Academy
1st Dan